Contest; Want an Animal Cracker?

The fabulous child star Shirley Temple was a must have for the center spread. She starred in multiple classics including Heidi, Curly Top, and her best known movie Bright Eyes, which escalated her rise to fame to an international star during the mid-to-late 1930’s. Shirley had a difficult time trying to deal with the immense amount of rumors that the public had conjured, such as her curly hair was actually a wig and that she was not even a child at all but a dwarfish 30 year old woman. Of course, the constant hair tugging from fans and a visitation from the Vatican proved these rumors false.  Shirley Temple entered politics as an adult and served as an ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. She died emphysema at the age of 86 and was cremated.

Megan and I had some bickering on our opinions about Shirley Temple being in the center spread but after some constant chanting of “Animal Crackers In My Soup” I managed get on Megan’s nerves enough to the point that there was no arguing with me about her inclusion. The results were certainly worth it though.