Misadventures serve as a learning curve

As told by Olivia Greubel:

Today I had the privilege to explore Oakville’s Service Learning prospects with our very own Editor-in-Chief, Megan Haislar. It was a pretty entertaining experience. We were supposed to hit Jefferson Barracks, Rogers Elementary, and Bee Tree Park. For starters, we were about twenty minutes early in our arrival to Jefferson Barracks and ended up missing the bus of students entirely. However, in the meantime while Megan and I explored the cemetery trying to find them, we ended up discovering a turkey down in the cul-de-sac off of Truman. The little guy appeared to be injured and limping, so like the good people we were, we turned around and tried to find the main building to inform the park staff. By the time we made it back front to the information desk, it seemed pretty embarrassing trying to explain how a limping turkey may need help. I think the woman at the information desk thought so as well.

Aside from that, we did manage finding the students and hit all of the other locations as well. We stopped for lunch at a cute little restaurant called Pad Thai and then headed to McArthur’s Bakery for some dessert. I was craving some chocolate cake, and McArthur’s didn’t sell individual slices by the look of it. What else was I to do?

Buy an entire cake, of course. I purchased an entire chocolate cake (it also has pecans and chocolate fudge on it, I highly recommend) as well as three vanilla longjohn doughnuts and a brownie. I can say as of now two of those doughnuts are already gone. I have no shame whatsoever.

As told by Megan Haislar:

So today we were reporting on everyone providing services for our community. It was honestly amazing to see all of our student having such a positive impact on our community, more specifically our veterans. We spent most of our time at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. . . we got lost. . . multiple times until we decided that it might be a good idea to leave the turkeys alone and get a map. THEN we found the students!! I was really cool to talk to them and hear how excited they were to help out the veterans and their families. There were actually quite a few funeral services today as well, which was incredible to witness. We saw an older gentleman sitting next to a grave, which left us with a very somber attitude and even more awe at the students giving their time and energy to maintain the grounds.

We also went to Bee Tree park and tried to avoid being hit by flying branches and bugs. After lunch, on the way back to school, Olivia decided she wanted to stop by McArthurs…..I regret nothing. Although it was incredibly awkward to sit in front of the classroom waiting for someone to unlock the door with two cakes, several doughnuts and various pieces of desserts. It was embarrassing, but glorious.