Current movie and show critiques

Thinking about hitting the theatre this weekend? Here’s my insight on all things entertainment.

Black Panther: 4/5
While the hair and makeup was absolutely amazing, with so many diverse looks inspired by African culture, with a futuristic twist, costume designer Ruth E. Carter deserves nothing but the absolute highest praise. While visually beautiful, the runtime of more than 2 hours really took a toll after awhile. The movie tried to accomplish so much that it stretched itself too thin at parts, the main conflict seem sandwiched into such a short time that it wasn’t properly fleshed out.

Love, Simon: 5/5
This movie was absolutely amazing. Director Greg Berlanti put his heart and soul into this film and it shows. The visuals were breathtaking, the story was real and relatable, and the acting was fantastic. Jennifer Garner absolutely shone, her ending speech was heartfelt and beautiful. Every character was fleshed-out and loveable, except for Martin, I hate that guy.

Unsane: 4/5
The beginning of the movie was incredibly slow and I honestly considered leaving. The movie seemed to drag on with endless, unneeded exposition. However, the second half of the movie absolutely redeemed it. The movie packed suspense, horror, and drama into a single package and it was amazing. What made the movie even better however, was knowing that it was filmed in under two weeks, which is amazing giving how much detail was put into it.

Hamilton at the Fox: 5/5
Hamilton absolutely lived up to its hype. It wasn’t perfect, of course, it’s live theater and something is almost destined to go wrong. However, it was absolutely amazing, from the lighting to the set. The entire stage felt fluid, changing drastically on a moments notice, the cast coming from everywhere. The lighting seemed like a character in itself, bringing special attention to moments and enhancing emotions. The cast was absolutely amazing. Roles were played to almost perfection, the cast put their own spin on the characters, transforming the show, and the ensemble was amazing, totally in sync, every movement crisp and clear. I would go to see this show again and again.