Students need ANP time

For most of the semester, students at OHS have been having seminars during ANP, but not many students are thrilled about this decision. 

Students have the opportunity during their ANP time to finish homework from other classes or just to relax, but since ANP seminars started some of that time has been taken away from them. Students believe they could spend useful ANP time on something other than forced seminars.

At the end of the month on every Wednesday, ANP is cancelled due to half days. Students dislike how that disrupts their time in that hour, but the district doesn’t see that. Students love ANP, but it’s getting taken away from them slowly.

A student, Ty Anderson (10) said, ̈ Seminars are fun. We do many activities, but I don’t like it takes the time out of it.̈  

Some students think that seminars are fine and they don’t care about whether it cuts their ANP time or not. They have something to do in their free time. 

Personally, I feel ANP seminars are a waste of time. I use my ANP time to talk to my teachers to see if I have anything missing or talk to them about my homework. I also use my ANP time to finish homework or projects just to get them finished ahead of time, but that time is taken away from me due to these seminars. I know some other students feel the same way, it’s just it appears that the school doesn’t understand. 

ANP should be kept the same without the seminars.