Field hockey team improves despite obstacles

Going into this year, there were questions as to whether there would even be an OHS girls field hockey team. But after tryouts, the coaches ended up being able to keep two full teams (varsity and junior varsity).

So far the team has exceeded everybody’s expectations. The two captains, Katie Kelly (12) and Katrine Kolb (12), of the varsity team contribute greatly to that effort.

“We weren’t even sure there would be a team before tryouts started,” Kelly said. “So I think everyone is really surprised and happy about the way we’re playing.”

The team is currently placed seventh of 15 in their conference and have won two games and lost four (as of Oct. 1).

One of the main struggles the team faces is the fact that they are not sponsored by OHS, meaning they must find their own school to practice, pay for all of the expenses and find access to all practices and games.

Head coach Angie Spinner says, “It puts a little extra stress on everyone making sure that we have enough money for all the fees that we owe throughout the season.”

Also, there have been several problems getting to and from games; in some case, girls have gotten into car accidents. But once again the team overcame these difficult obstacles and put forth an unexpected good season.

“My hopes for the remaining games in the season are to be at .500 by the end of the season or better,” Spinner said.