Volleyball starts strong

Volleyball starts strong

Ready, Set, Spike: Jake Duckworth (10) is mid-spike in their season opener

With a strong senior class, OHS boys volleyball is expected to have a great season. In their season opener, they dominated in such a fashion that they showed why they have these expectations.

OHS started this season with a strong performance against Kirkwood March, 29.

OHS defeated Kirkwood in two games. With great passing and hitting, OHS won the first game 25- 17 and the second game with a score 25-15.
“We had good team chemistry to start the season off,” said Nick Bramer (12).

Coach Morgan Lucas was pleased with their performance and is excited about the team’s chances this year.

“If we can stay healthy and focus, this group has an excellent oppurtunity to win the State Title,” Lucas said. “I think we look better than we did last year at this point in the season.”