OHS seniors are confident leading into Powder Puff

OHS seniors are confident leading into Powder Puff

Ashley Burton scores one of her three touchdowns in the 2011 Powder Puff game. She is being chased by senior Elise Wagener.

As Thursday, Sept. 8 approaches, the class of 2012 looks for a shot at redemption in the Powder Puff football game. This year’s game will start at 3:15 pm on the football field.

Last year, the game was tied at halftime, but the seniors pulled out two crucial touchdowns in the second half to pull ahead and win the game. A disappointing loss for the juniors, now seniors. This year, things have changed a little due to the experience the seniors have over the juniors. Senior Ashley Burton led the juniors last year, scoring three out of their four total touchdowns. This year, she’ll be playing the running back position, and hopes to lead the team once again.

“We practice every day and we have a lot of plays. We’re not losing this year!” Burton said.

Katie Dolan (12) said that the chance of the seniors losing this game is slim to none, given that they practice from the time school lets out to midnight every day.

As for the juniors, they’re preparing as well. OHS teacher, Kara Beck leads the team as head coach. Her goal is to teach her team the basics of football and ultimately prepare the girls for next year.

“Given that Mr. Gerdes (senior coach) will probably cheat, I plan on preparing the girls for next year. I’d like for this year’s game to be close, though.” Beck said.

Assisting Beck for the junior girls is Brian Crawford, OHS art teacher. He thinks this should be an exciting game, given that the juniors have many top performers. Those included are Madi Growe and Gabby Korte, who will both be splitting time at quarterback. Their offense includes spreading the ball around to everyone.

“We may not win the game, but we’ll have fun, and we’ll definitely have more spirit than the seniors!” Crawford said.

While the girls practice their football plays after school, the guys are just as busy preparing a dance routine.

Last year, the dance between the juniors and seniors was considered to be one of the closest and best performances by many OHS students. This year, the seniors don’t feel it will be as close as last year.

After being on the dance squad as a junior, Brian Schwarz (12) hopes to walk away with a win in this year’s halftime dance-off.

“Our dance may not be quite as good as last year’s dance, but we’ll still win,” Schwarz said, “I mean just look at us, honestly, how could we lose?”

His confidence seems to be rubbing off on the other senior members participating in the dance. Seniors Cody Matlock, Mirsad Kulovic, and Brandon Scydick are all confident that the seniors won’t leave any doubts about who won the dance this year.