OHS soccer redeems themselves after rough season opener


Patrick McInerny (12) dribbles past a defender. McInerny scored once against Timberland High School.

OHS varsity soccer started out with a rocky start to a promissing season with a loss against Chaminade 4-1 on August 31.  The Tigers started off strong with a goal by Jared Swierk (12) in the first fifteen minutes; however, Chaminade equalized soon after.

The Tigers benched one player due to the heat and many players suffered from cramps.

“It was hot, it was the hottest day of the year, but that shouldn’t be a factor,” said Swierk. “We need to push ourselves harder, we’ve got it in us ‘cause we can go the rest of the season undefeated.”

The Tigers redemed themselves on Sept. 2 against Webster Groves 1-0, with Swierk scoring in overtime, and on Sept. 6 against Timberland High School 3-1 where Swierk scored twice and Patrick McInerny (12) scored once.

According to varsity head coach Dave Robben, the team has been doing functional training to better prepare for the rest of the season.