Tigers play hard through a tough loss downtown

Tigers play hard through a tough loss downtown

Andy Oliver (11) with the ball after scoring a touchdown.

Tonight (9/15/12) the Tigers suffered a tough loss to their conference rivals the Eureka Wildcats. The Tigers were trailing 28-25 at the half, but fell 64-25.

The loss was disappointing, but OHS played tough. The Tigers couldn’t capitalize in big spots which was key to the Wildcat victory. Dropped passes and turnover on downs by the Tigers were vital for the Wildcats.

OHS came back to an early Wildcat touchdown by number 22 Kyle Spratt (12). Andy Oliver (11) threw a six yard pass to number 42 Kirby Phillips (11) that would have tied the game except for the blocked extra point.

“It felt good to score my first touchdown of the year here,” Phillips said.

With 1:05 left in the first quarter Morris LaGrand ran 54 yards for a touchdown to give the Tigers a 12-7 lead.

“I think we are doing well,” Oliver said. “If we keep playing like this I think we can win.”

Only 1:14 had elapsed in the second quarter before Eureka number 31 Adam Yancey (11) gave the Wildcats a 14-12 lead. Later in the quarter Wildcat quarterback Mason Bendigo (11) threw a 19 yard touchdown pass to Nate Echard (12) to increase their lead to 21-12. The very next play by the Tigers resulted in a Spratt interception that he ran back for a touchdown.

Kaeon Brooks (12) and Oliver both struck in the final minutes of the half to reduce the Wildcats lead to 28-25.

“I feel very confident going into the second half,” Brooks said.

The Wildcats scored five touchdowns in the second half, and along with holding the Tigers to the 25 points that they scored in the first half, gave themselves a 64-25 victory.

“We had too many missed opportunities,” Coach Arlee Conners said. “We had chances to close the door on them, but we left it wide open.” “We played well,” number 51 Alec Wallingsford (10) said. “We just couldn’t finish it.”

The Tigers play away next week against the Lafayette Lancers.