The swim team continues on the season


Coming into the last meet of the season, the boy’s relay teams only had one more chance to make it to state. The 200 freestyle relay did exactly that Thursday, Nov. 1 at Lindbergh.

Consisting of Dillon Werner (12), Preston Donjon (12), Brian Woods (12), and Denis Galic (12), they knew that had to go 1 minute, 34.99 seconds. Together, they beat it by less than a second, going 1:34.08. Overall, the relay placed fourth at conference.

“As soon as Dillon led off with a time of 23 seconds, I knew we were going to get it. I just think when you have a good lead-off and you’re in the race, it really changes the whole aspect of it,” Coach Dan Schoenfeldt said.

The boys will compete at state on Nov. 9 at St. Peter’s RecPlex. According to Schoenfeldt, he is hoping for a second swim. In order to get their second swim, they must drop two seconds, which is half a second off each each swimmer.

“It was awesome and exhilarating,” Donjon said.