Bombs away: OHS Freshman impresses

Bombs away: OHS Freshman impresses

Balassi looks for the ball in a game earlier this season.

Garrett Balassi (9) has had an incredible season for the Tigers on the Freshman soccer team.

In only 15 games, Balassi has managed to score 29 goals, and the team still has two games remaining.

“(Garrett) is focused and ready to play from the start,” said Head Coach Mrs. Jennifer Bradley. “He works hard at every practice and every game.”

Balassi also shines as  a captain of the team.

“His insight on and off the field is beneficial,” said Assistant Coach Mr. Matt Schraut. “He doesn’t say a lot, but what he does certainly impacts the team.”

However, Balassi seems to be modest of his accomplishment.

“The team is a really important part of it,” said Balassi. “Without them, I couldn’t score.”

Balassi also got to experience a few games with the Junior Varsity team, but for now will remain on the Freshman team. As for the future, his coaches have high hopes for him.

“Garrett will do well. His speed will help him. His biggest adjustment will need to be with the physical play at the higher levels. He will have to play physical and use his body to hold off the defense,” said Bradley.