‘Tigers Fight Back’ against cancer

Friday, Feb. 21 marked the beginning of a foundation created this year called Tigers Fight Back.

Tigers Fight Back has been created by the OHS Leadership class in order to honor and raise funds for two OHS alumni, Brett Barczewski (2011 OHS graduate) and Corey Bryant (2010 OHS graduate). Barczewski and Bryant are both battling cancer, and OHS wanted to reach out to help. Initially, the idea came to Leadership student Taylor Paluczak (12) to do something small for Barczewski.

“Brett has been a really good family friend of mine. I’ve known him pretty much my whole life because his dad is friends with my dad and I really wanted to help,” Paluczak said.

However, this small idea did not remain small for long; it grew into the establishment of a foundation, which Leadership classes will continue on running for years to come.

“It’s a way to get out of the school building and out into the community…but we are going to expand it beyond [expectations],” said Leadership teacher Mrs. Amy Learn.

And that they did. At the OHS boys basketball senior night game, Leadership students were able to raise 440 dollars just by shaking cans at the game. The event not only brought in money, however; it brought many to tears, as well.

Barczewski and Bryant were recognized during half- time with a framed certificate verifying and symbolizing that OHS is behind them in their fight. The experience was very moving for some.

“I was emotional because of how much support was shown for the two,” said Leadership student Lexi Luzynski (12). “I had chills for at least half the night.”

Needless to say, students, teachers and the community are very excited to help bring about the success of this very important cause.