Spring sports haunted by old man winter


Tiger Paw

Boys shovel off the baseball field last spring break after a snow storm late last March.

Though they are “spring” sports, tryouts begin on Monday, March 3, during winter. This has caused problems for the spring sports in the past two years. Not only is the weather cold for tryouts, but even following tryouts, snow is still coming down.

“I probably stress over weather more than anything else,” said Head Baseball Coach Mr. Rich Sturm.

Although baseball can take their tryouts inside or to other indoor facilities off- campus, there is still a difficulty moving the lower level tryouts for freshman because they cannot drive. According to Sturm, there are 35 to 50 freshman who try out and roughly 25 kids who will go out for Junior Varsity and Varsity.

“It’s difficult because ideally you want to be outside, and you have to try to be fair to give the kids an opportunity to tryout and give yourself as a coach a chance to evaluate,” said Sturm. “It does create a massive nightmare for caches.”

However, coaches and players can turn this negative into a positive.

Last year at the end of march, a snow storm hit. The baseball team spent their spring break shoveling 100 wheelbarrows of snow off of the field, but they made the most of it.

“It was interesting,” said Sturm while laughing. “Yes it was work, but it was a real team bonding experience.”

Head soccer Coach Mr. Dave Robben also tries to take the weather situation lightly.

“My attitude is it will be sunny and 60 on Monday,” said Robben. “That’s the way I see it.”

Although there are roughly 77 girls trying out for the three soccer teams and the forecast calls for a 60 percent chance of snow and frigid temperatures, Robben is “optimistic as ever.”

Hopefully, the weather does not cause too many problems, and those optimistic attitudes will prove correct. However, if they do not, both baseball and soccer may be scrambling for space and/or transportation.