Tigers have promising start to season

Connor Lange (9) scored his first goal during the second period in the finals for the Preseason Top Hat Tournament against defending champs Christian Brothers College (CBC).

The tigers came out strong ending the first period 1-1 with a goal by forward Zach Mitchell (12). Steve Farina (12) scored early in the second period giving oakville the upper hand of 2-1. Then with 38.6 seconds left in the period, 22.6 seconds after Lange’s, goal CBC scored to tie the game 3-3.

CBC scored quickly into the third period and Farina returned the favor scoring with 7:16 before the final buzzer. Only about a minute passed when CBC scored once more to end the game with a final score of 5-4, leaving the tigers to settle for an second place crown.

“We put everything into it and it just stinks putting that much in and coming up short,” Farina said.

Although the preseason tournament did not end up in the tigers favor, the team plans on having a successful season.

“I believe that if we keep up our hard work ethic we can beat any team at any given time. This is going to be one very special year,” forward, Lance French (12) said.

The Tigers first game of the season will be Monday, Nov. 4 at Kennedy ice rink.