Too much music, too little space

These days more and more people seem to be combining their phone and iPod into one. I keep all of my music is stored on my phone, an 8gb IPhone 4. While this is great at times, the limited storage can be problematic. Within a few months of having my phone I quickly ran out of space for all of my music so I decided to download the popular app Pandora.

After a few months I got so tired of the constant advertisements interrupting my music flow and constant repeats of the same songs. Needless to say, I needed a change.

Last week I browsed the internet and the app store for alternate options and came across the app 8-Tracks. The second I downloaded the app, I fell in love with it! 8-Tracks is an app full of playlists made by other users that are ad free. You can search keywords, artists, or songs and it will match you to a playlist that you are looking for.

Another feature I really like about the app is the ‘Explore’ tab which pulls up a list of feelings or moods you can choose like “happy, sad, party” ect. You pick one feeling and then a second mood or description and the app will pull up playlists to accommodate how you are feeling. It is perfect for the days where you need a happy playlist or a morning playlist.

So if you were dealing with the same music dilemma I was having, I strongly recommend downloading 8-Tracks. You will not regret it!