Boys soccer gears up for playoff run

Oakville Boys Soccer has had a successful regular season, being seeded number one in their district and are now moving into the playoffs with confidence.

The boys have had a good season with a record of 13-8-1, while also almost beating two of the best teams in state, Vianney and Marquette.

Varsity soccer player Thomas Hutcheson said, “The team has improved a lot throughout the season, but we could’ve won a few more games that went into overtime, so our record doesn’t completely show.”

However, the boys are now putting the season behind them as they move onto playoffs. Being able to compete so well against such good teams, head coach Dave Robben is feeling confident.

“I feel very good, we’ve been playing very well lately and peaking just at the right time for playoffs,” Robben said.

Tonight (Nov. 5th) the boys will take on Fox for the first round of playoffs. They plan on taking each game one by one.

“We just need to play Oakville soccer,” Robben said. “We just need to play Oakville soccer and we’ll win.”