Girls Basketball tries to be above average

The varsity girls basketball season started out with a big game against their rival, beating the Mehlville Panthers this year 33-31 took offense in the first half and defense to defend their lead in the second half.

It was a good way to start the season; it showed Coaches Bosch and Bishop that the girls had heart, that they wanted to win. It showed the players–almost half of them underclassmen–that winning a varsity game was challenging but worth it in the end.

“We continue to work hard everyday to get better…the girls are starting to figure out their roles on the team,” Bosch said. The team has a 4-4 record. “It’s important that we stay focused and keep playing as a team, always trying to be better today than we were yesterday.”

Alyssa Norberg (11) has carried OHS’s offense in the first 8 games of the season. She has 98 points with her best performance being a 27-point game against Triad in the MICDS Holiday Tournament consolation bracket championship.

Norberg and Tina Haberberger (12) lead OHS on defense. Norberg has 58 rebounds, and Haberberger has 45. The underclassmen have helped on offense as well; Favor Oparaji (10) has 62 points this season.

In the beginning of the season, before games started, Katie Reed (11) joined the team after not being able to play her freshman or sophomore year. She was not able to play freshman year due to a busy schedule. This year her schedule and basketball worked out well. Reed has been an important addition of speed and athleticism.

“Katie is one of the best female athletes I have been able to coach. She has a great attitude, is super competitive, is a great listener and she picks things up very quickly. This with her athletic skills will help us on and off the court,” Bosch said.

Their next game is Friday, Jan. 24  at 7:00 at Marquette. Their next home game is Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 7:00 against McCluer North.