Sophomore point guard on varsity basketball

The varsity boys’ basketball team has just kicked off its 2015-16 season. Though the team showcases lots of talent, one player might be their secret weapon.

Dylan Portell, sophomore on varsity basketball this year, was moved up from the JV team to play point guard for varsity. A player on the freshman team last year, this was a big move for him.

“Our guards are the captains, so it takes leadership to play. And you have to know what you’re doing because they call out the plays,” Portell said.

Although there are two senior point guards, Antwan Banks and Donovan Tritschler, Portell plays a key role on the team. If one of the seniors suffers an injury, he steps right into the game. Though these are big shoes to fill, Portell is up for the challenge.

“Dylan is a good point guard; he brings a lot to the team at practice and games. He has a different style,” said Donovan Tritschler (12).

The team’s next home game is Tuesday, Dec. 15 against Fox.