Varsity cheer wins MCDA competition

Oakville High School varsity cheer performed their competition routine for the Missouri Game Spirit Classic hosted by Midwest Cheer and Dance Association (MCDA) in Springfield, Missouri. The cheer squad arrived in Springfield, Missouri on Friday, March 3 for the competition on Saturday, March 4.

This was the second year the cheerleading squad tumbled, chanted, and stunted for the MCDA competition. This year, however, was different from last year because they were the only high school team there to compete against five All Star competition teams.

“We didn’t want to just get a participation award for being the only high school team, we wanted to show the judges that we are just as good,” Lindsay Inman (12) said.

With their strong performance and determination, the cheer squad placed first place in the division out of five All Star teams. They also received the special judges’ award for best motions out of all the teams.

“We weren’t really celebrating when they announced we won because we thought we just won the high school division, but shortly afterwards we realized that we won the whole division and we celebrated then,” Inam said.

MCDA Competition also has individual competitions for best jumps and tumbling. In the jump competition, Delaney O’Neill (10), Savannah Forrester (12), and Lilly Jansberg (11) competed against competitors from other schools and all-star gyms. O’Neill placed first place for her outstanding jumps and jump combinations in the high school division.

“We’ve worked towards this since October. It was nice to have a successful payoff,” Coach Becky Burner said.