Sticking With It

Sophomore shares love of lacrosse


Photo Submitted by Amy Menz

Amy Menz (10) plays lacrosse with the OHS Tigers. “People do not know that lacrosse has a very high impact,” Menz said. She started playing last year.

Amy Menz (10) thinks that playing lacrosse is a very good time and is well worth the challenges. 

Menz, who started playing lacrosse last year on defense, was inspired to play by her friends in her choir class because they were going to try it out. Since then, she feels the choice has been a good one.

“I think [I am good at lacrosse] so I played on varsity as a freshman,” Menz said.

Menz’s challenges with playing lacrosse are the time commitment, as it causes her to miss out on other things. She also feels that people who don’t play the sport might not know some important details about it. 

“People do not know that lacrosse has a very high impact,” Menz said. “There is a lot of touching and also lots of people do not know how the game is formatted.”

For Menz, the positives of playing lacrosse are being with her team knowing that they will show up and make time for the sport just like Menz does, as well as having a team that she can rely on.

Though she plans to play throughout the rest of her high school career, Menz does not see herself playing competitively in college. She also doesn’t believe she will ever get bored playing lacrosse. For those thinking about joining lacrosse for the first time, she has some advice. 

“Just do it,” Menz said. “It is only a few months. If you do not like it, you don’t have to do it again, but it is really worth it.”