Preview To The Hockey Season

A quick peak into how Oakville’s hockey team is doing so far


Alyssa Johnston

The Oakville Tigers Varsity hockey team tied their first regular season game against Lindbergh on Nov. 5. “Overall the season has been really great. We are functioning as a team and as a result we are starting to get some goals and important wins,” Lucas Dewitt (11) said. The Tigers have a current record of five wins, three losses and four ties with nine games left in the regular season.

On Nov. 5, the OHS varsity hockey team played their first regular game of the 2022-2023 season. As of Dec. 13, the team is 12 games into the 21 game season and has a record of five wins, three losses and four ties. Their record for last year’s 2021-2022 regular season ended with 10 wins, six losses and four ties of all 20 games played and the team hopes to exceed this previous record. According to many of the varsity players, they seem to be on track to do that.

“The season is going very well, however not up to our full potential yet,” Kyle Hyde (12) said. “Our team has learned to play as a team and accept our individual roles.”

Another player, Mason Skaggs (12), shared similar thoughts.

“I think the season has been going great so far,” Skaggs said. “We’ve had our ups and downs, but we have stayed positive through the way.”

Although it’s early in the season, the team has struggled with a few things. One struggle is players being available, as quite a few of Oakville’s team also play separately for traveling club teams. With that, Teagan Lee (11) said that it hasn’t held them back but instead encouraged the other players to step up to the job and work twice as hard. That isn’t the only struggle that they have had, though. 

“The issue we’ve had has been keeping the puck out of the net,” Grant Bader (12) said. “We also have some of the most goals against us.”

Through the struggles, the team is proud of their work and have done what they can to make the most of the season so far. Micheal Soell (11) and Mason Andrew (11) have scored a combined total of 41 points as of Dec. 8 and varsity goalie Jack Rogers (9) has done a fantastic job of goalkeeping.

“We have a great goalie and having a good goalie allows us to be more comfortable in everyone else,” Brady Cook (11) said. “And as a player myself, I feel as if all my teammates are lifting me up by playing to their full potential.”

Come support the OHS hockey team as they play their next game this Friday, Dec. 16 against Rockwood Summit at Affton Ice Rink.