One of Now Many

Wrestler reflects on past season, looks forward to new season


Jaylin Hunt

Talia Reed (10) practices wrestling her partner.

OHS has many students that participate in other activities. One of the biggest being sports, like wrestling. Since last year, OHS has had their first ever girls wrestling team. One of these girl wrestlers is Talia Reed (10).

 “I’ve been getting better and like working on my technical work since I’m a second year now,” Reed said. 

After last season, there were many changes and moments to look back on, reflect on and learn from like improving her overall takedowns. But there were also simpler takeaways from her first season like just having more confidence in herself and listening to the people giving her advice.

“My confidence on the mat has improved a lot since last year, and I’ve been listening to my coach more on how to improve,” Reed said. 

Although some things have changed, not everything has altered for Reed since last season, some of which she is happy about.

 “I still have the same partner from last year,” Reed said. 

After wrestling her own partner last season to get the chance to go to districts, which was hard for Reed because they grew such a strong bond with each other, Reed ended up winning against her partner.

“Going to districts and winning a match at districts was probably the best moment I have had so far as a wrestler,” Reed said. 

With her second season now in progress, Reed has put the work in for her first match, going to the of majority the open mats and her two to three hour long practices.

“November 30th is my first match. It’s actually coming by a lot faster than I thought. People should come to it,” Reed said. “It’s the first match of the wrestling season at Lindbergh.” 

Reed wishes more girls would try out for girls wrestling or just give wrestling a try like she did.

“One of my friends, they were talking about how wrestling was having open mats and they told me I should try it,” Reed said, “so I did and I ended up really liking it.”