Field Focus

Freshmen Amel Kafedzic explains what soccer means to him


Photo Submitted By Amel Kafedzic

Amel Kafedzic participates in the soccer program at OHS as a freshman. “I started with my uncle’s team called STL dragons,”Kafedzic said. Kafedzic has been playing soccer since he was four years old.

Amel Kafedzic has been around soccer his entire life and knows the lifestyle of soccer.

Kafedzic has played soccer for 10 years since he started playing when he was four.

“I started with my uncle’s team called STL Dragons,” Kafedzic said. “Two years ago I moved to Gallagher for better experiences and opportunities.”

Kafedzic’s uncle and dad inspire him to continue to play soccer.

“It just kinda runs through the family,” Kafedzic said.

Kafedzic’s dad played high levels of soccer in Europe but had a career-ending injury, which is why Kafedzic plays and continues to work and train. His uncle also had a career-ending injury which stopped him from going further.

“My uncle played for a youth academy team that transfers players into the professional leagues,” Kafedzic said.

Kafedzic said playing as a freshman was the best experience in his soccer career so far but it is different from what he’s used to.

“It’s a new experience not playing club every weekend, and this is different playing three games a week and having training,” Kafedzic said.

Kafedzic does a lot in order to become a better player.

“You have to stay on top of your fitness and be in shape,” Kafedzic said.

In addition to practicing, Kafedzic has support from all his family in his soccer career.

“My brother definitely is my biggest supporter because he played here before me, and he played up to his senior year and he wants me to be like him,” Kafedzic said.

Kafedzic has some advice for people who want to become better at soccer.

“Just keep going,” Kafedzic said. “Even when stuff doesn’t go your way, you just have to get back up and keep trying.”