Science department spreads smiles in honor of beloved teacher

Mrs. Laura Thomas honors Mr.Ken Kolwyck by wearing a shirt made in his honor.

Jojo LaBrier, Sports Editor

September 13, 2019

Many of OHS’s science teachers were wearing smiley face t-shirts on Friday Sept. 13, in honor of the nine year anniversary passing of popular chemistry teacher, Mr. Ken Kolwyck.  Mr.Kolwyck passed away the evening of  Tuesday Sept. 14, 2010 from an unexpected heart attack when he was 63 ...

Chemistry Flips Classroom Activities

Thomas Caira (10) and Seth Freshman (10) get out of the class room for a new scavenger hunt activity

Kaitlyn Blanton, reporter

September 4, 2019

An OHS teacher has decided to try out a new game with her students.  Science teacher Rebecca Dutcher discovered the idea of a “Fliphunt” on the Pinterest app. A Fliphunt is a scavenger hunt that utilizes the Flipgrid website. Dutcher experimented with this game on Aug. 27 and 29 with her first a...

New science curriculum is on the way

Megan Colyer, centerspread editor

December 9, 2015

For many years OHS has had the same science courses for each grade, but next school year classes in science are taking a huge turn. Typically freshman start off taking physics, sophomores take chemistry, and juniors take biology with the chance for seniors to decide if they want to take another science...

Poetry in chemistry class

Shellie McIver, Reporter

December 10, 2010

Dr. Steve Roth gave a poetry assignment to his sophomore chemistry class a few weeks ago. The students were told to come up with a poem about wavelengths for their assignment because they are studying the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Alex Dieckmann (10), chemistry student, said the purpose for writing...

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