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Poetry in chemistry class

Dr. Steve Roth gave a poetry assignment to his sophomore chemistry class a few weeks ago.

The students were told to come up with a poem about wavelengths for their assignment because they are studying the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Alex Dieckmann (10), chemistry student, said the purpose for writing the poems was “to get a better understanding” of wavelengths.

Here are some of the poems.

I am a Wave by Dr. Steve Roth

I live on the oceans the lakes and the streams,
I deliver the lights in the night on Moon Beams.
Without me, the rays of the Sun would not reach, to give you a nice tan on your day at the Beach.
Surfer’s delight in my amplitude and speed, while cell phones and pagers have a similar need.
I bring you tight music, rock, classical, and punk.
However, your parents might think it is junk.

Poem by Michelle Adams

Waves waves, they’re such a wonderful thing,
it’s how we hear the notes that you sang.
They allow you to heat things up,
and call your friend, and see what’s up.
Waves can help you get really tan,
but if you get to much, that’ll hurt man.
They allow my stereo to go up real high,
making my mom yell, with a huge sigh.
I turned up the tunes, and danced with the fam,
we recorded it all with our web cam.

“Visible Light Family” by Shaye Nowak

My whole family is between 400 and 700 nanometers.
But at least we can be seen and won’t give you a fever.
My mother is violet and she takes pride in being the skinniest.
My father is red and he just loves being the chubbiest.
We all get along and keep to ourselves.
Bring the world color so humans can see themselves.
without us the world would be bland and boring like an old-school television from 1940.

Wave Poem by Josh Sherrill

You cant see me such as light
but if you could it would be quite n sight
I can be smaller than a grain of sand
or much larger than a man
I can be deadly
such as a sword held steady
or may be as helpful as a car
which can carry you far
My name is wave, but not of the sea
but more of the air, flying like a bee

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Poetry in chemistry class