Science department spreads smiles in honor of beloved teacher


Mrs. Laura Thomas honors Mr.Ken Kolwyck by wearing a shirt made in his honor.

Many of OHS’s science teachers were wearing smiley face t-shirts on Friday Sept. 13, in honor of the nine year anniversary passing of popular chemistry teacher, Mr. Ken Kolwyck. 

Mr.Kolwyck passed away the evening of  Tuesday Sept. 14, 2010 from an unexpected heart attack when he was 63 years old. He began teaching at OHS in 1997 and taught for 12 years before he passed.

Mr.Kolwyck was highly respected in terms of teaching and was known for his yellow smiley face coffee mug that he brought with him every day. Because of the well known mug, bright yellow shirts with a smiley face and his initials were made, English teacher Mr. Ed Taylor  suggested to wear the shirt on Sept.13 to honor him. 

It’s a really nice way to honor his memory

— Laura Thomas

“It’s a really nice way to honor his memory,” said co-chair of the science department Laura Thomas. “He was a respected member of our department.”

Mr.Kolwyck made a huge impact on the OHS community.

“For his students, it was really hard for them,” said Mrs. Thomas. “He was a part of our OHS family.”