The school newspaper of Oakville High School


The school newspaper of Oakville High School


The school newspaper of Oakville High School


Marissa Talley (12)  participates in the CAPS program to gain experience of the real world medical field.

CAPS Associate Marissa Talley on the path to a career in pediatric surgery

Morgan Herrick, reporter December 10, 2020

Long ago, on one Halloween night, a tiny, towheaded, four year old set out on her quest for candy, very professionally dressed as a doctor. Although it may have been unknown to others, little Marissa Talley...

Mrs. Laura Thomas honors Mr.Ken Kolwyck by wearing a shirt made in his honor.

Science department spreads smiles in honor of beloved teacher

Jojo LaBrier , Sports Editor September 13, 2019

Many of OHS’s science teachers were wearing smiley face t-shirts on Friday Sept. 13, in honor of the nine year anniversary passing of popular chemistry teacher, Mr. Ken Kolwyck.  Mr.Kolwyck passed...

Halie Easter (11) blows into her car to inflate her balloon.

Neeley’s science class creates balloon cars

Megan Diel, reporter November 15, 2017

The students in physical science took over the halls recently to race their balloon cars. Mrs. Jackie Neeley’s class tested Newton's three laws on Nov. 9. The laws tested were 1) objects in motion...

Lauren Boitano (10) poses with her boa constrictor that she brought to science club on Oct. 30.

Sophomore snuggles with snakes

Nicole Neher, editor in chief November 3, 2017

Many students have dogs or cats for pets, but Lauren Boitano (10) prefers animals that are a bit more unique. In March 2017, Boitano adopted her first reptile--a bearded dragon named Jim. Since then,...

Justin Crawford (9) analyzes his plant.

Honors biology submits data to science center

Christina Meier, Editor-in-Chief September 8, 2017

This year’s OHS Honors Biology students are the first group to experience an all-new project in class-and what they learn could make a difference in the world. During the first days of school, the...

Wearing their eclipse shirts, a group of students looks up mesmerized by the eclipse.

Students witness historic eclipse

Nicole Neher, editor in chief August 23, 2017

On Aug. 21, the country experienced its first solar eclipse since 1979, and OHS was situated in a phenomenal place to watch it. A solar eclipse occurs when the earth, moon, and sun are aligned. If one...

Students measure the distance between two planets.

Astronomy class models the solar system

Sarah Kiely, reporter December 9, 2015

Most students study the solar system simply out of a textbook. However, the astronomy class at Oakville High School is studying the solar system in a more “life-like” way. The students in Mrs. Jenkins's...

New science curriculum is on the way

Megan Colyer, centerspread editor December 9, 2015

For many years OHS has had the same science courses for each grade, but next school year classes in science are taking a huge turn. Typically freshman start off taking physics, sophomores take chemistry,...

Biomedical Science investigates a crime

Biomedical Science investigates a crime

Brendan Jost, Online Editor April 2, 2013

The new Biomedical Science class is conducting an investigation of a crime. The students are learning what the determining  factors are that caused the death. “The students apply their understanding...

Taking it hands on

Michelle Ocello, Editor in Chief May 10, 2011

If there is any teacher at Oakville that applies the old phase, “practice makes perfect,” it is science teacher Tom MacFarland. MacFarland has been teaching within the district for the past four...

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