Neeley’s science class creates balloon cars


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Halie Easter (11) blows into her car to inflate her balloon.

The students in physical science took over the halls recently to race their balloon cars. Mrs. Jackie Neeley’s class tested Newton’s three laws on Nov. 9.

The laws tested were 1) objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to stay at rest unless (acted) upon by an unbalanced force, 2) force equals mass times acceleration, and 3) for every action there in an equal and opposite reaction.

“The kids blow balloons and attach it to the straws on the car,” Mrs. Neeley said. “As their air releases through the straws, the car (moves) forward.”

The students built the balloon cars on Nov. 6 and tested them on Nov. 9.

“Building the balloon cars was a challenge because if you made one little mistake the whole thing could be ruined,” said Nicole McNamara (10). “At first our car did not work so we had to keep adding more to it and there were many trials.”

“Building the cars was easy, since I looked up ideas,” said Lily Wozniak (11). “So, I had an idea in mind. When I tested the car, it did not go straight, but it was pretty fast.”

The students in Mrs. Neeley’s class thought it was fun activity to do, and it helped them understand Newton’s three laws of physics.