New science curriculum is on the way

For many years OHS has had the same science courses for each grade, but next school year classes in science are taking a huge turn.

Typically freshman start off taking physics, sophomores take chemistry, and juniors take biology with the chance for seniors to decide if they want to take another science class. Because of state standards, however, the Mehlville School District decided to change the curriculum and get the support from the state it needs. This decision was approved by the board before Thanksgiving break.

With the change, freshman are now starting off high school taking a new course called earth and environmental science. Advanced freshman also have the option to take honors biology if they meet certain academic standards. This leaves sophomore students taking biology, honors biology, or honors chemistry. Juniors will be able to choose between physical science, physics, chemistry, honors chemistry or AP courses. And as always, seniors will still be able to decide their science route.

This year’s freshman will have a wide range of choices to choose next year for science since they have already taken a physics course. This will allow much more grade diversity in classes due to the students that have already taken courses out of the new curriculum order.

Despite opposition from some staff and students, this new curriculum is designed to help prepare future college students for their future. Juniors will now have more option to take an advanced placement class, in contrast to last year, giving them a better chance to complete dual credit courses.

The new schedule is also going to be centered around a pass or fail concept. Each student will be required to pass both semesters of each science course in order to graduate.