Biomedical Science investigates a crime

Biomedical Science investigates a crime

Maggie Pike (11), Lindsey Quinonez (11), and Lauren Gianino (11) work on lab during Biomedical science.

The new Biomedical Science class is conducting an investigation of a crime. The students are learning what the determining  factors are that caused the death.

“The students apply their understanding of biology to medicine,” Mrs. Bekki Kirchhofer, teacher of the Biomedical Science class said.

According to Kirchhofer, the students also try to find other contributing factors to the death.

“There are other factors such as high cholesterol and infectious diseases,” Kirchhofer said.

Kevin Morris (12) is a Biomedical science student who likes the way the class is set up.

“If you are interested in Biology, this is fun class because there is a lot of labs that involve working with chromosomes and other diseases,” Morris said.