OHS student athletes head to college

Alexis Williams (12) bumps the ball during the district championship game. The girls won districts on Oct.30 after they beat Seckman in two games, both being 25-14.

Jojo LaBrier, Sports Editor

January 24, 2020

With fall sports over and winter winding down, many athletes have already made plans for their future. Seniors Emily Schellhase, Alexis Williams, and Calynn Gicante have all committed and plan to continue their athletic career. Schellhase will attend Dominican University in Illinois, where she plans to play vo...

The myth of senior year

Maddie Foster, Online Editor-in-Chief and Profiles Editor

October 22, 2013

It is a common myth among underclassmen that senior year is a breeze. However, as I have learned, this is far from true. Although many core classes are no longer required, freeing up the schedule for more “fun classes,” seniors have the stress of their future weighing them down In addition to having ho...

Focus on the future

Elise Wagener, Managing Editor

January 6, 2011

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” -African Proverb At this point in time, us college-bound seniors are faced with some of the most difficult decisions of our life. Where will we go to school, what will we study and how in the world are we going to pay for it? These...

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