The myth of senior year

It is a common myth among underclassmen that senior year is a breeze. However, as I have learned, this is far from true. Although many core classes are no longer required, freeing up the schedule for more “fun classes,” seniors have the stress of their future weighing them down

In addition to having homework, seniors have to worry about college applications, scholarships, student loans, and all sorts of scary stuff. It is a lot of pressure to put on a 17/18 year old. After all, they are essentially planning their whole future. And isn’t senior year supposed to be fun?

The question is how to balance school, fun, and planning for the future. One big thing that leads to stress is procrastinating. The sooner you start applying to colleges and for scholarships the sooner you can just focus on enjoying senior year.

Students need to realize that senior year is not the year to slack off. Good grades are essential for scholarships.

The key to a fun and successful senior year is balance. Then again, this is easier said than done.