Let it Snow?

It’s winter and you know what that means, snow, and with snow comes panic here in St. Louis. Personally, I think people in St. Louis tend to overreact when it comes to winter weather. Take for example this Friday, Dec. 13.

OHS canceled the basketball game over concerns about ice and the ACT on Saturday was even cancelled. However, Friday night was uneventful as far as weather and Saturday morning saw only a few inches of snow.

Personally, I think this is a bit ridiculous. Weather rarely occurs as predicted. Even when we do get snow the roads are usually cleared relatively quickly.

It seems to me like as soon as there is even the slightest indication of bad weather, people in St. Louis panic and prepare for the worst. Many times this results in unnecessarily canceled events. And while students love a good snow day, it just means summer is a little further off.

When compared to states up North, a few inches of snow is not something to panic about. Schools especially should be less hasty to call off school, games, and tests, in the face of winter weather.