Are gym classes running in the right direction?

This year the administration has made some changes to the physical education program. Now instead of doing physical fitness testing once, it is required twice (one at the beginning of the semester and one at the end.) I believe this change makes sense. I’m not a huge fan of running the mile once, let alone twice, but I think this system will allow students to see the improvement they have made throughout the semester.

In addition to this students in CoEd gym classes will not have the opportunity to dress out. This definitely has its disadvantages. Students will have to make sure the clothes they wear to school allow them to participate, or find time before their class to change. This could lead to some hygiene problems. For example, students in a morning gym class may have to run the mile and then go the rest of the day wearing their sweaty clothes. However, the administration has their reasons for this. There is only one teacher per class and they are unable to watch over the girls’ and boys’ locker rooms and the gym.

However, here is one change that I disagree with though. Gym classes are now required to write an argumentative essay. Students and teachers alike seem puzzled by this new addition to the curriculum. Writing ability has no relation to physical fitness. Nor our PE teachers qualified to grade essays.

I understand that the district wants us to improve our writing skills, especially when it comes to essays. However, I think they need to realize that writing does not incorporate into every subject. I believe the district needs to reevaluate this decision. What’s next? Homework for gym?