Teachers share cell phone policies in a creative way

Teachers share cell phone policies in a creative way

Megan Colyer, centerspread editor

October 1, 2015

Red means stop and green means go. But with the new technology stoplights at OHS, green means yes and red means no. This year OHS introduced a new way for students to understand classroom expectations. The technology stoplight is posted in the front of every classroom. The picture identical to an...


Shannon Stegmann, Reporter

May 22, 2014

This school year is the first year that the Human Body Systems course has been offered at Oakville and Mehlville, and the second year for Principles of Biomedical Science. The classes are quite popular, especially for students who are wanting to enter the medical field. They are unlike other classes...

Physiology class dissects cats

Physiology class dissects cats

Nicole Bunse , opinions editor

May 6, 2013

If you have been smelling wafts of formaldehyde coming from Dr. Christine Mehigh’s room then follow your nose and see the cats her physiology classes are dissecting. Last week, her physiology classes began a five week project of dissecting cats. Don’t worry though, the cats were not anyone’s ...

Physiology students make friends with Dead Cats!

Ben Fowler, Reporter

May 9, 2011

Dissecting cats doesn't sound like a lot of to most but for physiology students it is! A part of the class’s curriculum is dissecting cats to learn more about the body. The concept behind this event is to be able to understand the function of a living body and look at all the systems. The dissecting...

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