Physiology students make friends with Dead Cats!

Dissecting cats doesn’t sound like a lot of to most but for physiology students it is! A part of the class’s curriculum is dissecting cats to learn more about the body.

The concept behind this event is to be able to understand the function of a living body and look at all the systems. The dissecting comes with a process that is done over a four week period. It also teaches the students the field of anatomy and surgical techniques.

Student Miles Larson (12) who is partaking in the experiment says,“It helps us discover the bodily mysteries and fluids inside which helps us gain an appreciation of our own body and precious bodily fluids.”

Another student in this class David Rohlmann (12) says,“The experiment is a great hands on experience and a review of everything we have learned so far this year.”

You might be asking why they chose to dissect a cat. Dr. Christine Mehigh said “The cat is the most closely human related animal we can get.”