Physiology class dissects cats

Physiology class dissects cats

Angela Layton (12) dissects a cat in physiology class.

If you have been smelling wafts of formaldehyde coming from Dr. Christine Mehigh’s room then follow your nose and see the cats her physiology classes are dissecting.

Last week, her physiology classes began a five week project of dissecting cats. Don’t worry though, the cats were not anyone’s house cats. These cats were strays who had diseases and needed to be taken off the streets.

“There is definitely an ick factor at first, but once you get over that it gets really interesting,” said Mehigh

This is Dr. Mehigh’s 10th year doing this cat project with her classes, but the first time ordering pregnant cats. In first block Jackie McCutchen (12) and Lauren Sullentrop (12) have the pregnant cat to dissect. They will be getting to the fetus in a few weeks when they start dissecting the reproductive system.

“The pregnant cats are a good example of the reproductive system because it really shows what is going on,” said Mehigh.

Most students were concentrated on defining the muscles of the cats and did not let the look bother them. The thing that bothers the students the most is the smell of formaldehyde. Mesud Dedic (12) got creative and stuffed tissues up his nose to block out the smell of formaldehyde.

This hands on experience lets students get in depth with anatomy and physiology. Although the project may seem crude, it is a great teaching tool.