Teachers share cell phone policies in a creative way

Red means stop and green means go. But with the new technology stoplights at OHS, green means yes and red means no.

This year OHS introduced a new way for students to understand classroom expectations. The technology stoplight is posted in the front of every classroom. The picture identical to an actual stop light displays three circles of red, yellow and green. Like every stoplight, red means do not go, or, in this case, no technology is allowed in the classroom. Yellow indicates to ask permission from the teacher before using a device. Finally, green means that technology is acceptable to use at that time.

“I like the stoplights,” explains science teacher Dr. Mehigh. “They are very easy for students and the teacher to understand what is expected in the classroom.”

Although the stoplights are a huge hit at OHS so far, they have some drawbacks. Many kids do not follow the regulations and still continue to check their cell phones when the red circle is portrayed. Some teachers also discuss how it can be difficult to remember when to change them.

“I forget to change the stoplight at the appropriate time.” said Dr. Mehigh.