Angela Elguezabal: athlete of the week

Angela Elguezabal (9) prepares to serve the ball at a home game.

Sammie Phillips, ad director

October 7, 2016

Thou shalt not kill! However in volleyball this is a valuable asset on the court. Leading the varsity volleyball team at OHS Angela Elguezabal (9), a middle hitter, has had 127 kill this season. Elguezabal, along with three other freshmen girls, made a name for herself in the OHS varsity volleyball...

Varsity volleyball freshman take the court

The varsity girls volleyball team huddles up to discuss strategies before game.

Dominique Robinson, photo editor

September 26, 2016

Being a freshman on varsity is already scary enough; being a freshman that plays a lot on varsity can be terrifying; but being a freshman on varsity who plays a lot and contributes is the most stressful of all. Alexis Williams (DS), Emily Schellhase (OH), Julia Klump (Set/ RH) and Angela Elguezabal...

Freshman prospects on varsity football

Isaiah Poke (9) and Andrew Carter (9) wait on the side lines with fellow players.

Bernie Harkins, reporter

September 20, 2016

This doesn't normally happen, a freshman on the varsity football team. But this year four players are getting a chance many freshmen playing football wish they had. Chase Otto (9), Jake Cracchiolo (9), Andrew Carter (9), Carson Smith (9), and Matt Rouse (9) are the freshmen playing on varsity this...

Counselors focus on future

Taylor Boles, reporter

September 15, 2015

OHS has taken an extra step to prepare students for their futures. This year Mr. Stephen King, chairperson of the guidance department, and the rest of the guidance staff are having conferences with all four grade levels. Although they have been very successful in regards to their students being acce...

Make or break: Freshman year

Kelly Ries, Reporter

November 6, 2013

Freshman year is an adjusting time for many coming from different schools to a huge high school with hundreds of students and classes. The best thing to do is come to school everyday and work hard while you're here. Freshman year can be intimidating but that is all apart of growing up, you have to take...

Freshman Academy : a place to begin

Kellen Yoey, Reporter

December 15, 2011

Making the transition from middle school to high school can be a big change for some people.  Going from a school with about 300 to 400 kids, to a school with about 2,000 kids,it can be a lot to handle. This is why at the school board meeting on Nov. 17, Dr. Eric Knost proposed an idea in which eighth...

Hoffman qualifies for state

Hoffman qualifies for state

Andy Fernandez, Sports Editor

January 19, 2011

Girls swimmer Morgan Hoffman (9) went in to the Rockwood Summit meet on Jan. 13 knowing that if she knocked one second off her time, she would qualify for state. At the meet, Hoffman recorded a time of 56.99 seconds, nearly two seconds less than her previous time of 58 seconds. That time will get...

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