Angela Elguezabal: athlete of the week


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Angela Elguezabal (9) prepares to serve the ball at a home game.

Thou shalt not kill! However in volleyball this is a valuable asset on the court. Leading the varsity volleyball team at OHS Angela Elguezabal (9), a middle hitter, has had 127 kill this season.

Elguezabal, along with three other freshmen girls, made a name for herself in the OHS varsity volleyball program. Many freshmen do not get the opportunity as to play and start varsity as a freshman Elguezabal is making a rather impressive name for herself. Including her 127 kills she also has accomplished 291 attempted attacks a total of 50 point so far this season. and 30 blocks, in 14 games. Teammate Abbi Walters (12) says, “ She is a intelligent player who is good not only at hitting but serving also, she is a consistent hitter you can depend on.”

Her coach Kristina Kanallakan said, “ As a freshman we are looking forward to watching Angela grow and develop into a stand out player for Oakville volleyball.”

Being a freshman on varsity can be intimidating, but her older teammates also have much faith in her and her playing abilities.

Teammate Kaleigh Moore (12) says, “She is a smart player on the court and if you give her the ball she will put it down.”

Since Angela is a younger player on varsity she has, and most likely will have more, experience playing against older girls will definitely make her a better player in the future. Many look forward to watching her grow as a player over the next three years. Elguezabal and the rest of the teams has 2 games left, which are both home games, make sure to go support and cheer this freshman on!