Varsity volleyball freshman take the court


The varsity girls volleyball team huddles up to discuss strategies before game.

Being a freshman on varsity is already scary enough; being a freshman that plays a lot on varsity can be terrifying; but being a freshman on varsity who plays a lot and contributes is the most stressful of all.

Alexis Williams (DS), Emily Schellhase (OH), Julia Klump (Set/ RH) and Angela Elguezabal (MH) are the four freshman who play on varsity, who have learned to play at an elevated level.

“It’s nerve wracking because there’s a whole bunch of upperclassmen that you have to be able to play up to their level,” said Elguezabal.

There is no doubt that the freshman are a good contribution to the team’s success. Last year, the team’s record was 3-22, but with the help of the freshman, as of Sept. 24 they have already succeeded past their record at 5-11-3.

“I think that they have motivated us to play our game better. They bring laughter and happiness to the team,” said Emily Dorsam (12).

Elguezabal leads the team in kills at 86 and averaging at 2.32 per game, Williams leads in aces at 13 and leads in points at 77, Klump is the second leading assist at 125 averaging at 3.47 per game.

“They’ve been really awesome and adjusted really well, it’s great having young talent on the team,” said Kait Bonsignore (12).

Though it’s difficult to be on varsity, the freshman girls feel that the older girls really help them get through the anxious times.

“They [the upperclassmen] are so nice and super supportive,” said Schellhase.

The upperclassmen had nothing but positive things to say about the four freshman girls.

“They really add to the team, they know what they are doing, and they have really stepped up to the position of a varsity player,” said Megan Cox (12). “They are all amazing players and do exactly what they are suppose to do.”

The varsity girls will play at Marquette Sept. 27 at 5:30 pm.