Whistle blown at senior kickball

Senior kickball tournament rescheduled

Senior students were pumped to take to the turf for an exciting class kiddy pool kickball tournament on Sept. 9. However, the turf field at OHS will be used during this time for band practice. Senior Principal Ross Bullington tried to overcome this obstacle by changing the game’s location to the field at Oakville Middle School but then concluded that such a messy game would tear up the grass.

“Due to scheduling conflicts, and not wanting to tear up the grass fields, the kiddie pool kickball will be rescheduled,” Bullington stated.

Many were disappointed by this cancellation but are excited to hear that the game will be rescheduled for sometime next semester.

Senior class president Ny’Shaun Harvey stated that “it’s a good reason to cancel, but also very sad because everyone was counting on it.”

The seniors will not have to wait until next semester to have a class event, though, because next month the seniors will take part in a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt around the town. This event is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 30 and will include a costume contest and unique scavenger hunt activities.

Seniors should look forward to many events through this year including the scavenger hunt, ice skating, pickleball, and the rescheduled kickball game.