Channel 97: from club to class

Last year the broadcast club created Channel 97 News and gave information to the students of Oakville High School. This year the club is now the Broadcast Journalism class.

Mr. Jeff Kuchno, the advisor of the broadcast class, said that with the club now a class it doesn’t mean a better broadcast, just more time to prepare.

“I think you’ll see as our students develop their skills in class the quality of the broadcast will improve as the year goes on,” said Mr. Kuchno.

His goal for this year is to see his students “come close to reaching their potential as visual storytellers.” In this class there are 18 students that are receiving training; some of these students have never had experience, whereas others have.

Chloe Ward (12), a class member, hopes she and the other members can create a better broadcast than last year. Last year, the broadcast club took a trip to Washington DC, where they were awarded with a superior rating.

The first showing of this year’s Channel 97 News airs on Tuesday, Oct. 5, during the school’s Academic Networking Period.

“My partner, Evyn Johnson (12) and I have been working very hard on a story that will make students wet their seats in fear,” said Miles Larson (12).

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