Spanish IV students slither to the Zoo

Spanish IV students slither to the Zoo

A visit to the St. Louis Zoo is not your typical field trip for a group of seniors in high school.

On October 15, the Spanish IV students took their annual trip to the St. Louis Zoo. The students take the field trip to celebrate finishing their unit study of the South American short story “Anaconda.”

Led by Ms. Carol Robinson and Mrs. Jeanne Weber, the students were required to complete a simple worksheet which required them to gather information about the snakes in the story. After visiting the Herpetarium to finish their assignment, the students were free to roam the Zoo.

“I really liked seeing the baby giraffe. It was adorable,” Kristen Weber (12) said.

Theresa Ziegler (12) added “I liked to ride the carousel and [seeing] the penguins.”

After leaving the Zoo, the group made its way to Ted Drewes for a frozen treat before returning to school. However, this was no ordinary trip to Ted Drewes:  Mr. Ted Drewes himself was there.

Both students and teachers were dazzled by his presence, stopping for a chat or a photo.

“I got to take a picture with Ted Drewes,” Allie Grab (12) said. “He was really nice.”