A day with the tigers

A day with the tigers

Painting in Parenting: Kailyn Slama (12) and Sara Manka (12) intently paint with the Tiger Tots. The teaching theme for the day was Nature and the Tiger Tots were painting clay pots.

Parenting II students are once again teaching children throughout the Oakville community that participate in the Tiger Tot program at OHS.

This program is a preschool that has been running for about 30 years now and is well established in the Oakville community. It is run by teachers Pamela Cooper and Elizabeth O’Toole and students enrolled in the class. Monday through Thursday each week 28 children, ranging from three to five years of age, arrive for an afternoon filled with fun activities such as Art, Math, Music and Science.

“I was thinking about becoming a preschool teacher so I figured I would get a head start by taking this class,” Danie Farnam (12) said.

Students are assigned a specific theme for when their day comes to teach the Tiger Tots. Each day the Tiger Tots have two different themes taught to them. Some of these themes are Outer space, rainbows, the zoo and nature. Before the activities begin, they get about 15 minutes to ride bicycles, play with blocks, read books and enjoy other activities from the learning centers.

“This program is an introduction to preschool for most of the kids,” Cooper said. “It teaches children that learning is fun in several different ways. I hope that this program helps the Tiger Tots with the process of separation from their parent, they become more independent and better prepared socially.”