Newspaper, Yearbook, and Broadcast editors announced

For the 2011-2012 school year, there will be three new editor-in-chiefs for Broadcast Journalism, Newspaper and Yearbook.

Ryan Hugerich (11) will be the line producer for Broadcast, Emily Maag(11) will be the E.I.C for Newspaper and Rachel Evans (11) will be E.I.C. for Yearbook.

“I am really excited and thankful to be the Editor-in-Chief for the Prowl,” said Maag. “I have big shoes to fill for next year and I am looking forward to the staff we have picked.”

Below is a list of all the editors for next year’s publications.

Andy Fernandez(11) – Online Editor
Sarah Girardier (11) – News Editor
Courtney Kluge (10) – Features Editor
Emily Gordon (10) – Copy/Profiles Editor
Rachel Scott (11) – Opinions Editor
Mikayla Putz (10) – Entertainment Editor
Kaitlyn Steiger (11) – Sports Editor
Jimmy Wors (11) – Business Manager and Advertising Director

Madi Bunge (11) – Managing Editor
Kyle Dallman (11) – Sports Editor
Casie Lanzendorf (11) – Seniors Editor
Emily Jundt (11) – Life/Events Editor
Randi Barron (11) – Academics Editor
Anna Watson (11) – Clubs Editor
Taylor Blumenthal (11) – People Editor

Broadcast Journalism:
Emily Elking (11) – News Director
Hanna Yates (11) – News Director