Performing arts center discussed at school board meeting

At last School Board’s meeting this past Wednesday the 18th, the Board approved Mehlville’s plans for the new performing arts center.

The room was full of tension as the audience anxiously awaited a verdict on whether the building should be built or not.

The new performing arts center is to be located on the MHS campus and will be 22,700 square feet, seating approximately 525 people.

How much will this construction project cost?  The School Board estimates a little under 6 million dollars.  The remaining money left over from the performing arts center will be used to make repairs to the Witzel building.  Dr. Knost, Superintendent of Mehlville School District, stated that this building continues to deteriorate, which would be a loss to the district.

Tax payers need not worry though-the performing arts center will be no cost to them, which is rewarding to both students and the community.