Leadership puts unique twist on public speaking unit

When students are asked to give a presentation in class, they are usually required to talk about a book or give the history of an ancient civilization. However, in leadership class this year, they are being required to give presentations on things like what not to say on a date or why Lindsay Lohan should be president.
Mrs. Angelia Moore has designed the project to focus more on how to deliver a speech rather than the seriousness of the content.
“Communication is key to leadership skills,” Moore said. “[These presentations] focus on being better speakers and better listeners.”
Grades are based on the student’s articulation, posture, delivery and ability to keep the audience engaged. Students were given a checklist for successful speech making and giving presentations. The topics will allow students more freedom to make their speeches exciting.
“Topics were chosen so that the focus of the grade was not so much of the content, but the delivery,” Moore said.
The public speaking aspect worries some students, but they are confident that the project will still be a good experience.

“I’m not very good at public speaking, therefore it’s not my favorite project, but I think the topics will be fun to talk about,” Abby Ullo (12) said.