Three classes head on a field trip out of this park!

Three classes head on a field trip out of this park!

Mr. Brett Lieberoff’s sport medicine class traveled to Busch Stadium Thursday, Dec. 6, to talk to the athletic trainer about what it is like to work with the Cardinals.

“I picked Busch Stadium, because I wanted to get a real-life experience for the students. I didn’t think that they would go that in depth with the players and their injuries,” Lieberoff said.

When the class first arrived, they sat in the training room, where they keep all of their machines and any equipment needed. Next, the classes were introduced to Mr. Greg Hauck, the sport trainer who talked about some of the benefits of working with the team but also some of the downfalls. According to Hauck, the team is very fun and sometimes play pranks on each other. However on game days, the trainers must be there about six hours early to get the players warmed up and loose.

“The trip was pretty cool. I’s use to just seeing the field and the stands but to see the training room where the players were treated was neat,” Samantha Hornung (12)  said.

After they talked with Hauck, the students left Busch Stadium to go eat lunch and then traveled back to Oakville.