Jeans for Teens comes to OHS


Students can donate jeans to Room 240 to benefit the community.

Oakville has always tried to help out the community. Now they are raising jeans for less fortunate teens
Teens for Jeans is a campagin run every Jan. and Feb. by and Aeropostale. For each pair of jeans donated Aeropostale will give a discount towards a new pair of jeans.
For OHS’s jean drive, all the jeans collected will be taken to Aeropostale and then distributed to youth shelters around the St. Louis area. OHS will be entered to win prizes.
Last year over a million pairs of jeans were donated.
“I really love the organization Dosomething because their campaigns, resources, and company are strictly for teenagers and people under age 25, plus with Teens for JEans the donations we make aren’t shipped around the country-they go right back to those in need in our communities,” the teacher in charge of the campaign, Ms. Stephanie Duever, said.
The drive has been extended until Feb. 28 and donations can be dropped off in Room 240.